IT 108 001 Programming Fundamentals - GMU Spring 2010 (Tuesday, December 22, 2009)

I will be teaching IT 108 Section 001, Programming Fundamentals, for the Applied Information Technology department at George Mason University in the Spring semester of 2010. I've noticed that a number of students have been trying to find out who I am, since my name was added to the course. At some point, all students will have access to Blackboard, where the syllabus and other course materials will be posted. These materials are not yet available, but I hope to have them up well before the start of the semester. The university is also having difficulty provisioning my GMU e-mail account, so right now, there is no good way to contact me for course-related issues. I'm posting this message as a courtesy for students who are like me, and have to know as much as possible in advance. In general, I will not be posting course-related information or material to this site during the semester. Enjoy your winter holiday!

Update! My GMU e-mail account has finally been fixed, so please direct any course related correspondence to Any message not sent from your GMU account and with "IT108-001" in the subject line will probably be eaten by my spam filter.

—Brian (12/22/2009 6:28 AM)