NCIS Location Woes (Tuesday, January 17, 2006)

Okay, so I'm watching NCIS, and I'm just dying, because it's supposed to take place here in the DC metro area, but it's just funny how they change the the geography of the region to make it more suitable. Last season, there was an episode that supposedly took place at Bull Run Park (or maybe Manassas National Battlefield, depending on what side of Bull Run they were on), but the geography was completely wrong — the vegetation, the terrain... I mean, I live by Bull Run Park, and it was just wrong.

So in tonight's episode, they're analyzing a map to see where their victim had gone. So they're talking about "Braddock Mall", which of course does not really exist. Then they're talking about it being on Ox Rd, and they show a map. "Braddock Mall" is located where George Mason University's campus is. But they've neatly covered over it for the show. And then they have localized the sound of driving over railroad tracks, so they show another map where they went over the tracks... it's been labeled Ox Rd, but it's actually Roberts Parkway near Premier Court (where Capital Gymnastics is).

Finally, they cut to another shot where Ox Rd "ends" in this luxury community. Of course, Ox Rd ends when it hits Route 1 on the other side of Interstate 95 in Woodbridge. But they've neatly drawn over that map too, so it ends in Burke, south of Fairfax County Parkway, near Little Ox Rd. The funny thing is that the name of the community is improbable for the region, and the roads in that community are straight and at weird angles to each other. Except there's not a straight road in all of Burke — even ones like Premier Court which are all three hundred feet long are curved!

Anyway, interesting stuff to feed my map addiction.

—Brian (01/17/2006 7:55 PM)