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Movie Review: American Wedding (DVD) (Monday, April 26, 2004)

Title: American Wedding
Rating: Unrated (DVD)
Release Date: July 24, 2003
When seen: Apri 25, 2004
Venue: DVD
Review: Over-the-top gross, but funny.

American Wedding is an over-the-top gross-out film. It is nevertheless well acted (flamboyant Bear, in particular) and well scripted. For the crowd that likes gross-out gags, there's no question of the appeal. For those of us who avoid gross-out gags when at all possible, it takes a little more effort. Jim and Michelle are finally going to get married — they're very much in love, and we wish them well. Stifler is left uninvited to the wedding, and when he finds out and invites himself, the desire for his absence becomes quite clear. Much of the movie focuses on Stifler causing trouble and trying to get with Michelle's sister Cadence (played by hottie, January Jones). Despite all the antics, Stifler does redeem himself in fine fashion, and everyone lives happily ever after. In particular, Jim realizes the reason he always seems to be in trouble, but have everything work out in the end, is because his friends are always there to stand by him. Despite the gross-out humor, many of the points ring very true, if you care to spend the brain cells to look for that sort of thing.

—Brian (4/26/2004 1:48 PM)


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