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The Relationship Between Testers and Developers (Thursday, October 24, 2013)

My good friend, former colleague, and expert software tester, Lena Houser, recently compiled her take on the relationship between testers and developers, drawing from interviews with developers, including me, on traits they'd like to see in software testers.

Personally, I love testers, and as a developer, it is my mission in life to make their job as easy as possible. I never understood how developers could become defensive when a tester finds a problem. If it doesn't work the way the tester expects, then it probably won't work the way the end user expects, either! The biggest challenge is probably poorly specified requirements - the developer had one way of thinking about it and implemented it that way, while the tester had a different interpretation and wanted it to work another way. As all developers and testers know, getting good requirements is a luxury that few actually get. So it is important that developers and testers work together as a team, rather than as adversaries. It's the only way to produce good software, and it goes a long way to preserving sanity, too.

Lena's post goes over some of the other key qualities in the tester/developer relationship, with ideas from a variety of industry veterans.

—Brian (10/24/2013 10:05 AM)


Brian, thank you again for contributing to the article. I hope that the article readers learn a few things or adjust their perceptions and attitudes, and continue the dialogue and collaboration in the right direction. The post was also mentioned in

-- Lena (10/24/2013 12:05 PM)

Hello Brian,

I remember someone else in class was also visiting your blog when we were still taking the class with you and you confronted him during one of the classes. I knew it was a matter of time for you to figure out that it was me. I salute to you, detective Ziman!

I return to your blog from time to time simply because I find your postings interesting and I thoroughly read them when I can. Hopefully that doesn't make me creepy.

The little customized message did very much surprise me quite a bit. It's so like you to do that!

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