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March 2019

03/10/2019Announcing 3.0!

February 2019


December 2016

12/28/2016Farewell to 2016

January 2016

01/02/2016Caviar Tasting

November 2015

11/03/2015The Downside of Facebook

February 2015


July 2014

07/16/2014Job Opportunity: Software Engineering Consultant, 100% Remote
07/05/2014Another 4th of July

February 2014

02/11/2014One Year Google Anniversary

October 2013

10/24/2013The Relationship Between Testers and Developers
10/18/2013Buying a Car With Help From Big Brother

June 2013

06/25/2013Movie Review: The Internship

March 2013

03/02/2013Skiing at Eldora

February 2013


January 2013

01/30/2013Good-bye Grandpa Leitner
01/15/2013Where's Brian?

July 2012

07/09/2012The Magic of Brine

June 2012

06/17/2012Fifteen Years is a Long Time

May 2012

05/04/2012Job Opportunity: GIS Developer, Chantilly, VA

April 2012

04/18/2012Shuttle Discovery Arrives at the Smithsonian Institute
04/08/2012Coppelia the Clockwork Dancer

March 2012

03/30/2012Job Opportunity: Entry Level Computer Science Grads, Rockville, MD
03/29/2012Stop Getting Ripped Off!

January 2012

01/15/2012Crab Stuffed Tilapia
01/13/2012IT206 005 Object Oriented Programming - GMU Spring 2012
01/01/2012Welcome to 2012

September 2011

09/28/2011It's That Time of Year

July 2011

07/29/2011Debts and Deficits
07/28/2011Happy 100th Birthday, Grandpa!
07/17/2011So, What do You do for a Living?
07/06/2011Surgically Implanted Explosives... Really?
07/06/2011Baked Pork Chops with Apples, Honey, and Walnuts
07/05/2011Weekend Trip

June 2011

06/05/2011Happy Birthday, Noah!

April 2011

04/11/2011Tuna Steak

January 2011

01/14/2011Tour de Force March by Jager

December 2010

12/27/2010Credit Card Scammer (404)895-5538
12/22/2010Ski Season!
12/15/2010Another Semester in the Books

November 2010

11/02/2010Anyone Have a Medical Dictionary?

September 2010

09/20/2010New Season of Chuck!
09/13/2010Time to Get Back in Shape

August 2010

08/24/2010Job Opportunity: Software Tester, Sterling, VA

July 2010

07/26/2010Job Opportunity: UI Developer, Reston, VA
07/21/2010IT 306 001 Data Structures - GMU Fall 2010

June 2010

06/30/2010Job Opportunities: Metron Aviation, Dulles, VA

May 2010

05/20/2010IT 108 001 GMU Spring 2010 Wrap Up

April 2010

04/27/2010The Marriage of Figaro
04/24/2010Movie Review: Kick-Ass
04/24/2010Heart Attack Sandwich
04/10/2010Easy Red Beans and Rice (Maybe Too Easy)

March 2010

03/15/2010Lamb Stew and Irish Soda Bread
03/03/2010Book Love

February 2010

02/04/2010Lamb Chops

December 2009

12/22/2009IT 108 001 Programming Fundamentals - GMU Spring 2010

November 2009

11/24/2009Time Goes By

October 2009

10/29/2009Home Sweet- Gah, What is All This Crap?
10/15/2009Job Opportunity: webMethods Developer, Longmont, CO
10/09/2009Ignoring Spurious Repeated KeyAdapter Events in Java
10/01/2009Kickball Update

September 2009

09/28/2009Day of Mourning

August 2009

08/02/2009Diet Update

July 2009

07/17/2009Wrap Wrecipe
07/16/2009Something to Say

May 2009

05/30/2009Another Quick Contentless Update

April 2009

04/27/2009What Day is It?
04/17/2009Okay, Enough of That
04/02/2009Smoking Ban in Virginia

March 2009

03/30/2009Harmony One, Streamzap, EventGhost and XBMC, Oh My!
03/27/2009Another Quick, but Happy, Update
03/14/2009Programming Flash with haXe for the Chumby
03/04/2009Short Update

February 2009

02/22/2009The Media Center Lives
02/20/2009Isn't There Some Rule Against This?
02/16/2009Six Down and...?
02/09/2009Movie Review: Inkheart

January 2009

01/28/2009Job Opportunity: Java Support Analyst, Roanoke, VA
01/27/2009Is It April Yet?
01/23/2009White House Blog
01/15/2009The Invention of the Telephone
01/05/2009Electronics Recycling

December 2008

12/30/2008To Love and Die
12/27/2008Movie Review: The Tale of Despereaux
12/27/2008Merry Christmas
12/11/2008December Update
12/08/2008Job Opportunity: Senior Java Developer, Radford, VA
12/03/2008From Broken HTML to XML Data
12/02/2008It's December

November 2008

11/25/2008Anatomy of a Goomba
11/23/2008Happy Thanksgiving (Part 1)
11/21/2008Job Opportunity: Java/webMethods Developer, Dallas, TX
11/21/2008Quick Update
11/18/2008Not Goombas After All
11/17/2008Evil Goombas
11/13/2008Sometimes I Like Being Negative
11/11/2008Good-bye Mickey
11/09/2008Doing a Bit Better
11/08/2008Wasn't I Supposed to Feel Better?
11/04/2008Poison (Part 3)
11/01/2008Poison (Part 2)

October 2008

10/30/2008Poison (Part 1)
10/28/2008The Worst So Far is Over
10/27/2008Less Than Fun
10/22/2008At Last, a Diagnosis
10/21/ 2.0
10/21/2008Poke... Eep!
10/20/2008Quick Update
10/20/2008Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama
10/20/2008Book Review: Once Upon a Time in the North
10/20/2008Book Review: Lyra's Oxford
10/20/2008Movie Review: The City of Ember
10/19/2008Rap Promotes Violence... Against Moose?
10/17/2008Security Theater
10/13/2008Happy Anniversary Matthew and Alicia
10/09/2008Temporary Recovery
10/06/2008Snip Snip

September 2008

09/30/2008Turn Your Head and Cough
09/27/2008Foreign Policy Credentials
09/26/2008The Great Bail-Out Debate
09/25/2008The Definition of Irony
09/18/2008The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on McCain
09/17/2008Welcome to Alaska, Except Women
09/17/2008Palin Supports What??
09/15/2008Book Review: The Diamond of Darkhold
09/06/2008Synergy for Media Center Remote Control
09/04/2008Could We Get a Fact Check, Please?
09/03/2008What's On Your Reading List?

August 2008

08/24/2008Charades Generator
08/23/2008Thus With a Kiss
08/23/2008Movie Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
08/21/2008Filling the Gap
08/05/2008Sleepy Update

July 2008

07/18/2008Green America
07/10/2008The Water Jug Puzzle

June 2008

06/26/2008Brian Ziman, GMU Grad! (part 2)
06/20/2008Wrong Default TimeZone in Java on Red Hat Linux
06/15/2008Who Are You Voting For?
06/08/2008Sweet Fiber (part 2)
06/05/2008Sweet Fiber
06/03/2008The Willow Flycatcher

May 2008

05/28/2008Good-bye Grandpa Ziman
05/13/2008Cabrera Triple Play

April 2008

04/12/2008What I Learned From Harry Potter

March 2008

03/24/2008March Randomness

February 2008

02/20/2008SCIP 1.1 Java Interface for Hokuyo URG-04LX Laser Sensor
02/15/2008Robotics Relief
02/03/2008Barack Obama at Google

January 2008

01/14/2008What Do You Get...

December 2007

12/04/2007Robots... with Laser-beams!

November 2007

11/20/2007Happy Happiness
11/13/2007Veterans Day Weekend
11/01/2007Monthly Update

October 2007

10/05/2007Busy Semester

September 2007

09/07/2007Mounting VMWare VMDK Disk Without VMWare

August 2007

08/31/2007Back to School
08/06/2007Barry Bonds, Going for the Record

July 2007

07/27/2007On the Splendour of the Wizarding World
07/23/2007Harry Potter and the Quest for the Holy Grail
07/20/2007Rich Isn't Everything
07/17/2007Patou Bistro on Bastille Day

June 2007

06/26/2007Capital Fringe 2007
06/21/2007At Home in Charlotte
06/20/2007The 2008 Presidential Candidate for You

May 2007

05/31/2007Harry Potter Park in 2009
05/27/2007An Increasingly Infrequent Update
05/10/2007Star Wars Fan Films
05/09/2007Error in Lord of the Rings Printing
05/02/2007Route 28 Improvements

April 2007

04/17/2007Tech Tragedy
04/12/2007Lots of Activity

March 2007

03/19/2007Artie Shaw Orchestra at Blues Alley
03/16/2007SSL Certificate Expiration
03/12/2007chroot and Security Updates
03/08/2007Taking It Easy

February 2007

02/24/2007Hacking Firefox to Make Bank Sites Usable
02/24/2007Online Banking Sucks
02/18/2007RetroZone RetroPort
02/11/2007Happy Birthday!
02/09/2007Media Center PC

January 2007

01/22/2007Face Blindness
01/20/2007Happy New Year?

December 2006

12/24/2006Merry Christmas

November 2006

11/11/2006Fifteen Minutes of Geico

October 2006

10/20/2006Why Being Gay is Wrong (Satire)
10/07/2006Cryptic Update

September 2006

09/18/2006A Vacation to... Nowhere?
09/01/2006AJAX Update

August 2006

08/26/2006How Long Are Visitors Viewing My Pages?
08/16/2006Revamped Archives
08/14/2006Titles and Links
08/13/2006TSA Demands Stocking Inspections
08/11/2006Gallons of Galleons: Money in the Harry Potter Universe
08/11/2006Have You Seen My Constitution?
08/10/2006Generic 'Still Alive' Post

July 2006

07/19/2006Bush Uses Veto Power to Slow Medical Research
07/13/2006Lack of Excitement, or is it an Excess?
07/08/2006Flex Your Rights

June 2006

06/23/2006Spell-Checking Spam and Procmail RBL
06/20/2006The Apache Project Sucks
06/12/2006Chicken Parmesan
06/11/2006Virginia Democratic Primary
06/11/2006Scott Norris and the Starving Artists

May 2006

05/28/2006Site Updates
05/11/2006Almost there...

April 2006

04/11/2006Data Mining, Search, and Keyword Cleverness
04/07/2006The Ultimate in Paranoid Backup Solutions

March 2006

03/30/2006The Beauty of a Lisp Quicksort
03/23/2006The Joys of a User-space Cisco VPN Client for Linux
03/08/2006Spikey CPU on Breezy Badger
03/02/2006On Uploading Files with Pure ASP

February 2006

02/27/2006Site Updates
02/26/2006Protecting My Bandwidth
02/19/2006XHTML Compliance
02/18/2006Analyzing Cars
02/16/2006Escher Print
02/06/2006:hover CSS in Internet Explorer
02/01/2006Brian Ziman, GMU Grad!
02/01/2006Firefox Performance Without IPv6 DNS

January 2006

01/30/2006New RSS Feed
01/28/2006Prince Cafe
01/26/2006Firefox 1.5 and Ubuntu
01/24/2006Spanish Phone Spam
01/17/2006NCIS Location Woes
01/06/2006Network Security Auditing

December 2005

12/20/2005Spam Filtering
12/16/2005I'm Going to Graduate!
12/07/2005New Random Stuff
12/02/2005New Entertainment System and Spam Filters

November 2005

11/11/2005Extensions Don't Always Work

October 2005

10/27/2005On the Constitutionality of Assumed Guilt
10/08/2005Converting Ampersands Bookmarklet
10/07/2005esound and Firefox

September 2005

09/27/2005On the Decline of American Computer Science Students
09/14/2005Technical Notes
09/11/2005A Sad Day

August 2005

08/24/2005NAT for VMWare
08/23/2005Mozilla Bug on Linux
08/14/2005Extending the Framework and Adding Stuff
08/10/2005Upgrading to Sarge
08/08/2005Movies and Clubbing
08/04/2005vi Keybindings in Firefox
08/03/2005Programming For Harry Potter

July 2005

07/30/2005TCP Wrappers Issues
07/26/2005Discovery Goes Safely Into Orbit
07/20/2005Apollo 11 Anniversary
07/07/2005Autocomplete Annoyances
07/04/2005That Pesky Constitution
07/04/2005Happy Independence Day!
07/04/2005Movie Review: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

June 2005

06/11/2005Movie Review: Howl's Moving Castle
06/05/2005Spinach Dip and Books

May 2005

05/02/2005Revenge of the Sith and State of Fear

April 2005

04/21/2005Linus Torvalds Unveils Git
04/18/2005Pig Olympics
04/11/2005I'm Justice!
04/10/2005More Site Updates
04/07/2005Fighting Dementia the Old Fashioned Way

March 2005

03/29/2005I'm Copper!
03/23/2005School Stuff
03/07/2005States Visited

February 2005

02/27/2005Busy As Usual

January 2005

01/28/2005Remembering the Challenger
01/27/2005Back from Sabbatical
01/03/2005Crested Butte and Cancun

December 2004

12/27/2004People Are Insane
12/27/2004Post-Christmas Post
12/22/2004Here Come the Nats
12/20/2004Nearly Time for Vacation

November 2004

11/30/2004Site To-Do List
11/22/2004Polar Express and National Treasure
11/14/2004Movies to See
11/10/2004Yasser Arafat
11/08/2004Global Warming
11/03/2004Election Fever

October 2004

10/28/2004Back to Court
10/22/2004WinAmp Alarm
10/15/2004Weather Widget
10/07/2004Bounce, Twitch, Spaz
10/07/2004Busy with Work and School

September 2004

09/28/2004Let Me Count the Ways
09/25/2004Birthday Festivities
09/24/2004Insightful Bush Trashing
09/22/2004Star Wars on DVD
09/22/2004Veal Parmigiana with Spinach Ricotta Tortellini
09/21/2004In Court
09/13/2004On The Issues
09/13/2004Something You Can't Do in California...
09/12/2004Go 'Skins!
09/07/2004Off to Connecticut
09/05/2004Vote or Not

August 2004

08/31/2004School and Stuff
08/24/2004New Form Mail Gateway
08/22/2004Modified mini_httpd for SSL
08/16/2004Changes to the Blogging Engine
08/16/2004Websense Hits
08/10/2004Random Housekeeping
08/07/2004John Kerry is a Douche Bag, But...
08/07/2004Warped Tour
08/02/2004Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens

July 2004

07/28/2004Off to Vacation
07/27/2004I'm Mad at the World
07/25/2004I'm on Vacation!
07/22/2004Lunch with Laura
07/22/2004LDAP Presentation
07/20/2004Apollo 11 Anniversary
07/18/2004Site is Now Spellchecked
07/18/2004Racquetball 'explaination'
07/18/2004Women's Rights
07/15/2004Political Discussion
07/13/2004The Truth About Bush
07/09/2004Lord of the Rings Monopoly
07/09/2004Birth Control for Men
07/09/2004Insanity in the Senate
07/07/20044th of July
07/06/2004Happy Birthday Matt and Claire
07/03/2004Wish I'd Gone to Microsoft

June 2004

06/29/2004Indie Tales
06/28/2004Evil Politics
06/23/2004Winning at Racquetball
06/23/2004Dell Sucks
06/23/2004Need to Get Away
06/21/2004Alexandria Waterfront Festival
06/18/2004Going Insane
06/16/2004Making Lasanga
06/14/2004Rooney Show
06/09/2004Greetings to My CMU Stalker
06/06/2004Blading and Blending
06/05/2004Harry Potter with the Movie Group
06/04/2004Gonna Build a Deck
06/02/2004New DVDs
06/02/2004Hard Finding a Roommate
06/02/2004Bouncing Off the Walls
06/01/2004Skating and Scrabble

May 2004

05/30/2004Hanging Out With Computers
05/28/2004Broccoli Bites and Alchemy
05/27/2004Harry Potter and Housekeeping
05/25/2004Not Today, But Eventually
05/25/2004Hard to Say No to Microsoft
05/24/2004SCA Event
05/21/2004Prisoner of Azkaban and Shrek and more Microsoft
05/20/2004Sugarcult Lyrics
05/19/2004Microsoft Seduction
05/19/2004Whirlwind Emotions
05/17/2004An Offer from Microsoft
05/17/2004Movie Review: French Kiss
05/17/2004Movie Review: Troy
05/17/2004In Seattle
05/13/2004Trip to Seattle
05/10/2004School Stuff
05/10/2004Amistad, Basketball, and Ruth's Chris
05/09/2004Movie Review: Van Helsing
05/09/2004Huse Feaste
05/07/2004Another Bad Day
05/06/2004Happy Hanson Day
05/05/2004Improvisation at its Best
05/04/2004Got a Raise!
05/04/2004Bubbles! Sink Ships??
05/02/2004Jewish Ceremony and Bizarre Social Life
05/02/2004Movie Review: Happy Gilmore
05/01/2004Various Goings On

April 2004

04/30/2004Bob? Who the Hell is Bob?
04/29/2004That's Senior Software Engineer to You
04/27/2004Overworked and Maybe Seattle?
04/27/2004Hanson and School Stuff
04/26/2004Hanging Out
04/26/2004Movie Review: American Wedding (DVD)
04/26/2004Movie Review: The Punisher
04/23/2004Going to Redmond
04/22/2004Linguistics Paper
04/22/2004Classes, Photos, and Claire pt. 2
04/20/2004Hair Gel and Linguistics Paper
04/19/2004Troubleshooting, Work, School.. the Usual
04/19/2004Sing It, Frank Sinatra!
04/19/2004New Friends
04/17/2004Sleep Deprived
04/15/2004Class and Other Things
04/14/2004Microsoft on the Phone
04/13/2004Morbidity in Geography
04/13/2004Trip to Connecticut
04/12/2004Too Many Hours in a Car
04/08/2004Poor Judgement
04/08/2004Professor Doug Wulf
04/08/2004Bank Spam
04/08/2004Visitor from US Customs
04/08/2004Microsoft Pre-screen
04/07/2004Missing Wakefield and Sugarcult
04/05/2004A New Week
04/04/2004Music and Stuff
04/04/2004Evening at Copelands
04/04/2004Movie Review: Hellboy
04/03/2004Downtown Adventure
04/01/2004Before Class...
04/01/2004Moving to India!
04/01/2004Movies Page Added
04/01/2004Movie Notes

March 2004

03/31/2004Winning at Racquetball
03/31/2004Broken Furnace
03/30/2004Early Morning and Fun Classes
03/29/2004Parents are Home
03/28/2004Shopping and School
03/27/2004Meade and Merrymaking
03/27/2004Happy Birthday Rebecca
03/26/2004XA and AX
03/25/2004Happy Birthday Joe
03/23/2004Down With the Mundane
03/23/2004Whining about Software Engineering Class
03/21/2004The Science of Harry Potter and Stuff
03/21/2004Site Update
03/20/2004Sold the PS2
03/20/2004Racquetball Defeat
03/19/2004Date Works
03/17/2004First Post!

August 1999

08/11/1999Total Eclipse Over Germany

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