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swisspig.splat (Saturday, February 28, 2015)

Well, that explains the recent lack of traffic... a change I made to my blogging engine a few days ago caused a fairly catastrophic failure of most of my site, which I somehow failed to notice, until Google's Webmaster Tools sent me an e-mail, explaining to me that I'm an idiot.

Recently, I made a chance that parsed some data as PHP, instead of just as plain text, so I could use some variables set in that PHP, without having to parse it manually. Unfortunately, I forgot that there were a bunch of other places that were still parsing it manually. So I fixed this, which will definitely improve performance. But for some reason, the include was still failing for certain pages... turns out that this code is executed before another necessary include file was included. It took quite a lot of tracing, but I tracked it down, and it is now corrected.

This morning's pain and suffering is a strong indicator that my first casual attempt at PHP — also known as the complete blogging engine for, may be due for a rewrite. I may keep it in PHP, but it will definitely need to be completely object oriented going forward, and I may need to bite the bullet and actually store a bit more data in the database, rather than as flat text. It will be ages before the rewrite happens — it'll probably coincide with my abandoning of Rackspace Cloud (who REALLY suck), which has been planned for years now, and still hasn't happened.

—Brian (2/28/2015 1:21 PM)


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