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Tour de Force March by Jager (Friday, January 14, 2011)

So here goes a totally random blog entry. A song that has been with me now for seventeen years, is "Tour de Force", a march by Robert Jager, that we performed in marching band at Centreville High School way back in the Fall of 1993. I've been trying to figure out who the composer was for years, and I finally came across a fairly likely candidate today — I'm pretty sure it's Jager. On the off chance someone finds this link, and has a recording of the song, I sure would love to get my hands on it. I used to be part of some really great ensembles, but it never occurred to me at the time that I might want a recording of it later on.

—Brian (1/14/2011 5:12 PM)


Hey Brian, sorry I haven't talked to you recently; I've been flying back and forth to Alb. NM for people...scary.

I was just thinking that I might possibly still have a recording of us playing Tour de Force at my parents house. I'll take a look next time I'm over there.

-- Ben (3/16/2011 11:27 AM)

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