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Another Semester in the Books (Wednesday, December 15, 2010)

Another semester, done. This was the first semester that "Data Structures and Program Design" has been taught as IT306 at GMU. Unlike my IT108 class, last semester, where only a handful dropped the class at the beginning, and only a handful passed at the end, this semester, only thirteen out of thirty were brave enough to remain in the class, and nearly all of them passed! More than half the class received an A or a B.

Next semester will be both easier and harder. The department has decided to require that NOVA transfer students must have IT206 before they can take IT306, which should make them a little bit better prepared for the advanced topics we're covering. But unfortunately, I have to teach the class completely online. That means recording my lectures. That's going to be a challenge, because I rely so much on student interaction. I'm not sure I can just lecture to a microphone for an hour. But I'll give it my best shot. I'm also going to make a few changes to the assignments and the project, to even things out a bit, and to force students to do more involved programming, right from the beginning.

So with the semester done, you'd think I'd have a chance to relax, but no, instead, we're having a last minute crunch at the office, I'm way behind on my Christmas shopping, and I get to enjoy some more surgery over the New Years holiday! I'm going to at least try to take a ski day sometime next week. I hear it's going to snow tomorrow, and I'm so excited!

—Brian (12/15/2010 9:14 PM)


Hey professor,happy New year! I'm glad IT 306 went well for you. I am planning on taking that course in-person soon!

I hope it's a good class =)

-- Khanh (1/15/2011 6:07 PM)

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