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Kickball (Thursday, September 3, 2009)

After losing almost ten pounds, it seemed prudent to begin adding some exercise to my diet. Therefore, at the prompting of one of my colleagues, I have joined a kickball league. My team played its first game of the season this evening at Lake Fairfax Park. I won't bore you with the rules, but I played two innings in the outfield, where I didn't have any opportunities to make a play, and one inning at first base (what were they thinking?!) where I caught one for a force out, but, never having played the position before, I missed a couple of the finer points. I don't think they scored any runs that inning, so I guess it's not too bad.

I only had one chance to kick (there are only five innings, and we have over twenty players on the team, and everyone showed up), and after fouling the first pitch up the first base line, I flied out to second base on the second. Still, I didn't strike out, or fall on my butt, so I don't consider it a failure.

We won, four runs to one, and I didn't embarrass myself too badly, and I did not hurt myself (although I will probably be sore tomorrow). I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the season.

—Brian (9/3/2009 8:26 PM)


Just got home from my second evening of kickball. Tonight we played a double header. The first game we won quite handily, and the second game was tied until Ashley scored on a spectacular slide, in the dark, in the bottom of the fifth inning, to win the game, two to one. I played third base for several innings of both games and actually managed to make most of the plays the right way, I think. But unfortunately, I still have not managed to get on base in any of my attempts. On one play, I booted the ball quite a ways, and they bobbled the ball, and I was at first before they managed to control it, but apparently, they managed it without letting the ball hit the ground, so still no success.

-- Brian (9/10/2009 8:48 PM)

I didn't update last week, but we won our fourth game, and I finally got on base with an RBI double in the second inning! Yesterday, we had a double header, and we won our first game, but the second game, against "Team Awesome" was lost 1-0, after our tying run at the end of the game, was called out at home plate by a blind official. Too bad, too, since the winning run was right on his heels. No one has scored against "Team Awesome" yet this year, but we gave them a run for their money, and are still solidly in second place. We'll get them in the tournament.

-- Brian (9/25/2009 12:50 PM)

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