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Foreign Policy Credentials (Saturday, September 27, 2008)

The McCain campaign has had a mantra of "foreign policy" ever since the election season began. They argue that McCain's long experience versus Obama's relatively recent arrival is a reason to back McCain. But the truth is, McCain's foreign policy experience started with five years of torture and beatings as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. This "war hero" was shot down at least three times, before finally being captured, where rather than follow the Code of Conduct prescribed by the Department of Defense, he gave in to torture and signed a false confession, condemning America, and praising his Vietnamese captors. So with that excellent start, he's gone on to a long career of delightful diplomacy.

Contrast that with Obama, who perhaps has never been shot down or suffered under a foreign power, but does have a father who is actually from a foreign country (Kenya), and has lived (peacefully) in a foreign country (Indonesia), and has international popularity that rivals some rock stars, like in Berlin, where he drew a crowd of over 200,000.

I don't know much about foreign policy, but it has to mean something that Obama is preferred four to one over McCain according to a BBC poll of over 22,000 people in twenty-two countries.

—Brian (9/27/2008 6:24 PM)


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