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The Definition of Irony (Thursday, September 25, 2008)

Yesterday, McCain "suspended" his campaign so he could go to Washington to help deal with all this economic stuff that's going on. The irony, is that while I was listening to the report about that on the radio this morning, McCain was giving a campaign speech at the Clinton Global Initiative (odd that he would be invited to speak at a conference hosted by Bill Clinton, but oh well). If he has time for a campaign speech, then he definitely has time for a Friday night debate.

Personally, I think it is sort of stupid that two influential senators would totally ignore their responsibilities to go on the campaign trail for months at a time, so I think it is appropriate (if a little bit too late) for McCain and Obama to go back to Washington and use their influence to try and fix this mess. Unfortunately, it is too late, and at this point, any discussion about the Bush administration's bail-out plan is largely just for show, and any contribution that the candidates would make would be even more for show. Which is why I think that the suspension of McCain's campaign is completely for show, otherwise, he'd have done it sooner, and with more gusto, and he wouldn't have made this morning's campaign speech, while insisting on cancelling Friday night's debate... it isn't like congress is going to be spending their Friday night working — they had all planned on watching the debate, I'm sure.

So this is a case of doing the "right" thing for the wrong reason — McCain saw an opportunity to act like a progressive country-first politician, while knowing that Obama had to either join him, and look like a follower, or oppose him, and look like he doesn't care about the "crisis". Clever move on McCain's part, but I don't think it will have a major impact — especially since it seems that most "regular" people are opposed to this bail-out plan (because they really don't know how it works or what it's for), so that will probably negate the advantage that McCain earns for being "progressive". No wonder people hate politics.

Oh, and Dave Letterman also emphatically disapproves of McCain's decision, which included a last minute cancellation of his scheduled appearance on Letterman's show, last night. Letterman doesn't think that's the way a hero behaves, and wonders if his decision was based in part, because Palin couldn't be trusted to take over campaign duties on her own, while McCain is busy in Washington.

—Brian (9/25/2008 10:21 AM)


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