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Welcome to Alaska, Except Women (Wednesday, September 17, 2008)

Yes, twice in one day. There's just so much material! We've all heard about the investigation going on in Alaska, trying to discover if Sarah Palin abused her power to fire her Public Safety Commissioner. Well, here's a report on the specifics of the case, which are even scarier than it appears on the surface. The article cites an example in Wasilla of Palin forcing rape victims to pay $1200 to undergo the procedure necessary to collect evidence against the rapist. Apparently, it's all part of a pattern where Palin simply doesn't care about women. That's kind of ironic, considering that she was chosen, in part, because of the hopes that she would appeal to women voters.

—Brian (9/17/2008 12:09 PM)


I heard about this and it's just plain awful!

-- Jazzy (9/26/2008 3:26 PM)

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