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The Willow Flycatcher (Tuesday, June 3, 2008)

A source of amusement for me and my office mates over the past two weeks has been the persistent attempts by a small green bird to peck its way through our office window. After some research, I believe the deranged creature is a Willow Flycatcher, but it's hard to be certain. Every morning and afternoon, this bird arrives, occasionally with a friend, and they sit on the sill of our third floor window and peck at the window repeatedly for a few moments, then jump to another spot on our window, and continue pecking. They do this for upwards of a half hour or more, for no apparent reason.

I've read about birds flying into windows, because they think their reflection is a rival bird in their territory, but I can't imagine that this is attack behaviour, since he's sitting on the sill. Perhaps he thinks that the windows are made of bugs, and he's trying to find a snack? If so, he's very persistent, and likely to starve to death. The windows are so covered in grime that it wouldn't be surprised if there was something tasty growing there... but hardly suitable for a fly-catching beak.

But little Willow Flycatcher will only be able to keep us company for a few more weeks, before we move to our new office in Sterling, which will likely be devoid of any fascinating wildlife.

—Brian (6/3/2008 08:53 AM)


My office too!!!!! Stupid birds!!! All day long too, and it's been going on since mid- April! Idiots!!!!

-- Matt (6/3/2008 8:17 PM)

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