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Cabrera Triple Play (Tuesday, May 13, 2008)

I hate baseball. During baseball season, every hour of every day is filled with the mind-numbing nothingness that is the sport of baseball. But every once in a while, something interesting happens, that makes me want to watch five minutes of baseball. One of those things happened yesterday, when the Cleveland Indians' Cabrera got an unassisted triple play. I heard about it on the radio, and I would like to see a replay of that. But would you believe that the MLB has forced YouTube to pull all the videos of it, due to copyright nonsense? So you know what? Screw the MLB. They almost got me to watch some baseball, but apparently, they really don't want me as part of their audience after all. Good work.

—Brian (5/13/2008 2:08 PM)


-- Matt (5/14/2008 11:29 AM)

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