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Capital Fringe 2007 (Tuesday, June 26, 2007)

DC's Capital Fringe to Welcome 'My Friend Hitler', 'Carrie Potter and the Half Blood Prom', 'Feminazi' and More was the title of a press release that came across the Playbill wire this morning, introducing the 2007 Capital Fringe Festival, whose mission is to "connect exploratory artists with adventurous audiences by creating an open access annual performing arts festival in the District of Columbia." The festival runs from July 19 through July 29, and will present a number of shows for which tickets are available individually at fairly low prices — or an "all access" ticket for $300. The shows are scattered throughout DC (with one venue in Arlington) over the eleven days of the festival. Should be interesting... or bizarre. But it's good to see the arts alive and well in DC for those of us who can't get tickets to the Kennedy Center.

—Brian (6/26/2007 11:17 AM)


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