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Route 28 Improvements (Wednesday, May 2, 2007)

So I finally have some good news! Normally, I whine a lot about politics, but it seems that the local politicians in Northern Virginia finally showed some spine, and are making some much needed temporary improvements to Route 28 in Centreville. As I was driving back and forth to Chantilly this afternoon, I saw signs indicating that the intersection at Old Braddock Rd, Route 28, and Interstate 66 is going to be modified so that it is right turn in and right turn out only from Old Braddock Rd (the only thing back there is my old church, which we moved out of over a decade ago, so they could tear it down and finish the clover leaf at I66!!!), and they're closing the left turn from the I66 ramp to southbound Route 28. So the first light on Route 28, north of Lee Highway is going away. Then at the next light headed north, which is the left turn to go west on I66 from, they are eliminating the left turn altogether. Then at the next intersection, with Route 28, Braddock Rd (not to be confused with Old Braddock Rd), and Walney Rd, they are eliminating left turns from Walney to southbound Route 28. So they aren't eliminating all of the lights between Lee Highway and Westfields Boulevard, but they are removing some of them, and fixing the timing on the lights for the rest to optimize for morning and afternoon traffic. I couldn't find any good information on the changes online [ed— but Jason can: Sully District Transportation Information], but the new signs indicate that the changes go into effect on May 5th. They've also put up new signs directing people to better routes, making use of the Westfields Boulevard interchange, the Lee Highway interchange, and judicious use of the partial interchanges from I66 to Lee Highway and Route 28. Good news. This should make the trip back and forth to points north a bit more bearable.

—Brian (5/2/2007 5:12 PM)


-- Jason (5/2/2007 5:44 PM)

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