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SSL Certificate Expiration (Friday, March 16, 2007)

Well, leave it to me to go three days without noticing that my SSL certificate for had expired. So, I go to renew it — it's signed by my own root CA, so this should be quick and painless. When I realize that the toolkit I have for creating and signing certificates with OpenSSL, doesn't actually contain a script or explanation for renewing an expired certificate. After much screwing around, I was fortunate to come across an explanation on Mark Foster's site, which includes a script for renewing server certificates. Basically you have to revoke the old cert, and then re-sign it. I knew it was something like that, but Mark kindly made it clear. And now that I have the tools, and have recorded the process in my engineering notebook, I'll be well prepared to deal with this in 364 days, when I need to do it all over again!

—Brian (3/16/2007 01:40 AM)


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