- To hell with the pig... I'm going to Switzerland.

Happy New Year? (Saturday, January 20, 2007)

Well, the new year isn't so new anymore, but better late than never I guess. So these days I'm spending most of my time working for Novell, but I'm also spending a bit of my free time thinking about a couple of side projects and ways to get out of Northern Virginia. In site news, I switched my registrar from Network Solutions to Go Daddy, and now I don't have to worry about my domain names until 2017. Alas, I still do not have any idea for a more "professional" sounding domain name. The Pig is amusing for people who know me, but would you spend thousands of dollars on a company called "" if you didn't? And of course that is the end goal — to get people to give me thousands of dollars! Anyway, it is now time to go find food, and then go downtown to Verizon Center and see the Wizards kick some Celtic butt. Vote for Gilbert Arenas for the NBA All Star team!

—Brian (1/20/2007 3:48 PM)


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