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Fifteen Minutes of Geico (Saturday, November 11, 2006)

Wow! Fifteen minutes really can save you a bunch on car insurance. For ages, I've been toying with the idea of getting a second car that I'm not afraid to drive in the snow and rain, but I've always managed to put it off. Now that I'm commuting to Tysons Corner every day, though, I really am motivated to get a car that's a little easier to drive, and is a little better in averse conditions. So I thought I'd go car shopping this weekend, and in preparation, I gave Geico a call to see if how my rates would change with the new vehicle. Well, as I suspected, getting an old 4x4, in addition to the Mustang, would actually lower my premium. But even better, I asked if there were any discounts I wasn't taking advantage of, and sure enough, simply being a GMU graduate got me a 7% discount! Between that, and the multi-car discount, my insurance savings will nearly pay for the new car over the next four or five years. Isn't that just a good luck. Eat that, Progressive Weenies.

—Brian (11/11/2006 01:11 AM)


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