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Revamped Archives (Wednesday, August 16, 2006)

I have made some significant modifications to the site over the last few evenings. Titles and dates of posts are now being generated automatically instead of being hard-coded. The titles now contain a permanent link to the post itself. I have gone back through and titled all 227 of my old posts. I modified my search database to also contain the titles and keywords for all of the files on the site to make it easier to generate a live archive and site map. With these new tools, I was able to create a new Archives page that contains a list of all of the posts on the site, ordered by date, and categorized by month and year, and a Site Map that contains every public page on the site, categorized into site, stuff, or blog. The new database features and new archive framework will allow me to add new categories very easily, if I ever decide to add new content (or, for example, restore my movie reviews section).

—Brian (8/16/2006 3:51 PM)


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