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Lack of Excitement, or is it an Excess? (Thursday, July 13, 2006)

I've had nothing worth writing about for some time, though I do find myself overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that day to day life brings. I have work deadlines looming over my head, and they wouldn't concern me so much, if I weren't completely bogged down with paperwork and the stupid questions of my peers — who don't read the paperwork that they required me to write.

About the only interesting thing I've done recently, is take a refresher course in German. Six weeks through Fairfax County Adult Education ends next week. I'm fortunate — the class is only a handful of students, and we're all rather advanced. I think the teacher spends too much time lecturing in German, using big words that aren't in the dictionary, and not enough time engaging us in conversation. Still, it is useful for me to get back into a mode of listening to, and reading German, and shake the rust off. After all, I never had any trouble speaking German — the point was to get in a room with other people who speak German. I need to find an online Deutsche Welle or something to practice with, once the course is over.

Ah, and one last thing. I decided to try out Netflix, that being the most cost effective solution to the two seasons of 24 that I missed. I made it all the way through the second season, and I'm mostly through the third season, and all for just $15. Once I'm through with 24, I have a long list of movies that caught my eye, but that I missed in the theater, and am not sure if I need to add them to my collection. At between one and two dollars per DVD, plus the convenience, it definitely beats the alternatives, including downloading them off the 'net. Besides, it increases the frequency of my trips to the mailbox — from twice a month to three times a week!

—Brian (7/13/2006 11:46 PM)


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