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Site Updates (Sunday, May 28, 2006)

Another long time has gone by without an update. I have been busy making modifications to the blogging engine and the search tools on the site. I have changed the way URLs are handled on the site so that everything looks like a regular path now, instead of a CGI. I'm hoping that encourages Google to improve its index of my site, somewhat. I also made some changes to encourage Google to pick up my résumé, by spelling it "resume" for user agents that don't parse JavaScript. I also changed the file name from "ziman-current" to "ziman-resume", which also helps.

The search facility now properly sorts by date when requested, and also allows you to see all of the results, not just the first ten, by paging through them, like any regular search tool. I also added the URL and date to the display of each result.

Finally, I removed the Calendar link from the main menu (at least for you), since it's really part of my "intranet" and not for public consumption. I added another intranet page for doing site management, but I've made it so that the intranet menu only appears when you're logged in as me, which you won't be. I also did away with the clever folding menus — just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should, and I've decided that the extra bit of bling does not help the site.

—Brian (5/28/2006 12:33 PM)


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