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XHTML Compliance (Sunday, February 19, 2006)

Well, after much work, is now 100% XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant. The transition from Transitional to Strict wasn't terribly painful, as most of the work I've done in the past year or so has been well formed. The real trick was updating some of the older pages that had been written to the HTML 2.0 "standard" (if you could call it that). But it's all been updated, and I've added a new feature or two to the blogging engine.

Additionally, the code I use to generate the RSS feed has been updated, so now relative URLs on the site show up as fully-qualified URLs in your feed reader. Claire pointed out that in brain-dead on-line feed readers, the relative URLs create links to relative to the feed reader's site, rather than building an appropriate URL based on the location of the feed (which is what my reader, Thunderbird, does). Anyway, it was a simple exercising in using PHP to filter files before generating the feed, and it is accomplished. If you subscribe to the feed and you experience any bizarreness, please let me know.

—Brian (2/19/2006 03:48 AM)


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