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Prince Cafe (Saturday, January 28, 2006)

Well, that was an interesting experience. Me and some of the guys went to the Prince Cafe, a hookah lounge near Seven Corners, and hung out and smoked the shisha. I'm not really into the fruity flavored shishas, but it's a cool environment, and I brought along my trusty cloves, just in case. And the menu looks great — I didn't get a chance to sample any of the food, so I will definitely have to get back and try it out.

It's shaping up to be an interesting weekend. Before I went to the hookah place, I had dinner with my dad at Glory Days, and then afterwards, we took a walk around the new Korean shopping center. My dad thought it was funny that I was able to say hi to the people there in Korean. And then he got some DQ and we left. Then I watched the Wizards get their butts handed to them by the Bulls. I hope they do better when I'm down at MCI Center on Tuesday.

And then tomorrow, I've got the roofer coming to fix the stuff that was damaged in the recent windstorm, and then I'm going to Round Hill to see Jason and Jasmeen's new place. If we're lucky, we might meet up with John and his friends downtown and go clubbing.

Not sure about Sunday yet... but maybe I'll need that for recovery. And wow, a weekend with no football... I guess it's necessary to build up tension leading to next week's Super Bowl, when I've got two parties to go to... first to the Hines' and then the Brindle's. How exciting!

—Brian (1/28/2006 02:11 AM)


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