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Spanish Phone Spam (Tuesday, January 24, 2006)

So recently, I've been getting lots of calls on my cell phone from 305-371-3266. The calls are all the same — a recorded message in Spanish on who knows what topic. Despite being illegal under Virginia and Federal law, I can't get any of the authorities to help me out. Bell South (the provider of the land-line in question, which is in Miami) refuses to give me any assistance because I am not a law enforcement representative. I filed a complaint with the FTC, but they informed me that they don't act on individual complaints, but only on matters which receive high volumes of complaints — so if these people have been harassing you, too, report it! I talked to the FCC today, confirming that it is definitely illegal, and they sent me a little useless brochure that doesn't really provide any interesting information, except to remind me that I am allowed to sue these people for damages... maybe. Of course, that could turn out to be expensive all by itself. Theoretically I should just be able to file a lawsuit in Fairfax County General District Court, and then have a subpoena issued for Bell South to discover the name of the business that is calling me. I can get summary judgement, but more importantly, I can then get contact information for the company and tell them to stop bugging me! But all that is just in theory. The reality is that I'm probably just screwed. The sad thing is that it's a Nextel phone, and I know of several Nextel employees that are getting the exact same call, and even working for the phone company, they can't do anything about it. Urgh!

—Brian (1/24/2006 3:09 PM)


I have been getting the same thing on my T Mobile. The only thing I understood was the last word "uno" So I pressed 1. The phone rings, picked up by an excited female spanish voice. I requested "english por favor", hoping to learn what it was about at least. click. She hung up. Apparently it is for something only [racial slur removed by editor] would want to know about.

-- John Sheffer (12/15/2006 2:01 PM)

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