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Extending the Framework and Adding Stuff (Sunday, August 14, 2005)

Just a quick update... I was up really late last night extending the framework of the site... you'll note that most pages now have titles. It took me a while to figure out how to accomplish this seemingly simple task, and the irony is that while it's just as simple as you'd think it is, the simple answer was completely not obvious. Namely, I realized that I had to add a "setup" section before the headers that sets things like the page title, but doesn't write any output.

I also finally posted my collection of quotations, which at one point were an insightful window into my soul, but are now more of an insightful window into my IUP years. That and a few other tidbits have been added to my stuff page. Eventually, (and I keep saying this) it will be organized by topic with academics and random stuff and computer stuff and source code all in their own little compartments. One of these days I may even post my resume...

—Brian (8/14/2005 5:04 PM)


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