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Movies and Clubbing (Monday, August 8, 2005)

Okay, I have a lot to write, and like thirty seconds to write it, so I guess this will be the slightly abbreviated version. So over the weekend, I saw "The March of the Penguins", and it was cool. Full review to come eventually, maybe. The most noteworthy part of the movie was that I finally got to see a preview for the fourth Harry Potter movie, "Goblet of Fire". I can't even put into words how remarkable it looks. If they do the book even the slightest amount of justice, it will be one of the great films of all time. I'm just a touch excited. There was also a preview for Ice Age 2, involving this little squirrelly thingie. The preview was really funny, so we rented Ice Age, which I hadn't seen. And sure enough, all of the scenes involving the little squirrelly thingie were hysterical. Unfortunately, the sloth with the gay lisp just sort of ruined the rest of the movie for me. Kind of like Jar Jar — you can have a character designed for funny, but give it an annoying accent, and it's just going to be annoying. The sloth was basically the same character as Donkey in Shrek, except that Eddie Murphy is funny.

The other thing of note for the weekend, was a trip to Chiaroscuro at the Edge near Nation in Southeast DC. The crowd was surprisingly light, but the music and the atmosphere were awesome. And the DJ booth has a display telling what is playing, so those of us who are obsessed with alternative music know what to get. And by "alternative", I don't mean generic main-stream rock, I mean real alternative — i.e. gothic, industrial, and electronica, with a smattering of essential older pop music, like "99 Red Balloons".

There are apparently four other venues in DC that offer a non-sucky nightclub experience. The most popular appears to be Alchemy at Nation on Thursday nights. On Tuesdays there is Schadenfreude at a place I've never heard of, called Chief Ike's near Woodly Park and the National Zoo. On the first Friday of each month, on the back stage of the Black Cat in Northwest, there is a party called Doll House. And finally, competing (poorly, according to the people I've talked to) with Chiaroscuro, is Midnight on Saturdays at The Meeting Place in the downtown area of Northwest.

So with this long list of places to go and feel at home, I'm hoping I will continue to have the energy to go out and not just sit around like a vegetable. It would be so much easier if I lived closer in to the city. As always, we will see what happens, and what will be, will be.

—Brian (8/8/2005 12:09 PM)


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