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Here Come the Nats (Wednesday, December 22, 2004)

I was just thinking about the irony of how difficult it has been for Washington to get a baseball team to come back to the city. I find it amusing that the city is fighting tooth and nail to bring a team from Canada to our Nation's Capital, while the man sitting in the White House used to own part of the Texas Rangers ball club — who in a strange turn of fate went to Texas from Washington, DC! You'd think he could have pulled some strings and brought them back here with them. There are, of course, lots of good reasons that he couldn't and didn't, so I'm not going to get into the politics. I just found that little bit amusing. And today's news makes it look like we might get the Washington Nationals here in the Spring after all.

—Brian (12/22/2004 09:11 AM)


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