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Movies to See (Sunday, November 14, 2004)

Well, I haven't updated for a while, due primarily to extreme business. This entry is devoted to the simple task of keeping track of the currently playing and soon to be released movies that I want to see.

  • The Incredibles (already playing) - Animated over-the-hill superheroes from the makers of Finding Nemo
  • The Polar Express (already playing) * - Animated children's Christmas story
  • After the Sunset (already playing) - Robbery cat-and-mouse with Pierce Brosnan
  • National Treasure (11/19/2004) - Nicholas Cage in a treasure hunt
  • Alexander (11/24/2004) * - Macedonian Emperor with a cast of thousands
  • Blade: Trinity (12/8/2004) * - The third installment of Blade
  • Ocean's Twelve (12/10/2004) * - George Clooney is back for some more
  • Closer (12/12/2004) - Julia Roberts love drama
  • The Aviator (12/17/2004) - Leonardo diCaprio plays an eccentric billionaire
  • Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (12/17/2004) - Jim Carrey in the next best thing to Harry Potter
  • The Phantom of the Opera (12/22/2004) * - Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece on the big screen
  • Elektra (1/14/2004) * - Ass-kicking followup to Daredevil

(Movies marked with '*', I'm supposed to wait to see with Claire. Not sure why she doesn't want to see Closer...)

—Brian (11/14/2004 10:18 PM)


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