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Election Fever (Wednesday, November 3, 2004)

Well, it's election fever time, it's already November 3rd, and chances are we won't know who won the election for another eight to twenty-four hours.

I know it's probably a day late, and a dollar short, but I was reading Slashdot just now, and someone asked a very interesting question regarding the borderline fascist PATRIOT Act: "Why would this affect my vote for president when both major candidates are in favor of the act?"

My response is this:

Because the members of the Supreme Court are not going to live forever, and while I have almost as little respect for Kerry as I have for Bush, I'm much more comfortable with Kerry picking Supreme Court Justices than I am with Bush.

In the end, congress is going to make knee-jerk legislation in response to a terrified middle-America. Granted the legislation is proposed by the same folks who cause the terror in the first place: the Conservative Right (though it used to be the Liberal Left, strange how things swing back and forth over the years). But who in their right mind could vote against the "PATRIOT" act? Gimme a break.

In a situation like this, we basically have to fall back on the impartiality of the Supreme Court. And I'm confident that they'll make the right decision, whether they lean left or lean right, but ONLY if they don't lean too far. And I am counting on Bush, if he is given the opportunity, to appoint judges who would be just as at home holding a Bible and preaching from a pulpit, as they would be to make decisions on the Supreme Court.

And while the Congress probably isn't going to confirm a truly radical Right-Wing Justice, you'd be surprised what might slip through.

Kerry's appointments would likely be more moderate, whatever direction they happen to lean, and therefore more likely to look at the law, the Constitution, and what's fair for everyone, rather than voting with what they learned in church on Sunday morning.

But as I said, it's probably moot, as all the votes have been cast, and at this point, I'm preaching to the choir — at least, preaching to all three of the people who might read this post or the one on Slashdot. Now, we just have to wait, and hope for the best. Good night.

—Brian (11/3/2004 12:47 AM)


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