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Birthday Festivities (Saturday, September 25, 2004)

Well, Claire came over tonight, and I got my first taste of birthday festivities. She really went all out for me this year — she got me the DC metro area map that I've been dying to have for over a year, and she got me the series finale DVD for Friends, though I can't watch it until I've seen the last season! (Talk about torture.) And she got me a really awesome black stretchy t-shirt from JMU, that I've tried on, and it fits, though I think she'll want it to be tighter than it is — it's her call. If she wants it tighter, she can take it back and exchange it. Otherwise, it's perfectly comfy the way it is. I'm considering wearing it tomorrow. We'll see what happens. And of course, she fed my addiction by giving me a tin of mints. Yay! All this, and my birthday is still four days away! Anyway, it's late, and I'm tired, and now it is time for sleep. Good night!

—Brian (9/25/2004 12:47 AM)


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