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Star Wars on DVD (Wednesday, September 22, 2004)

Wow, I actually have something interesting to write about for once. Assuming I can type, because my hand hurts like hell — but that part of the day comes later.

So after doing all my responsible person stuff for the day, I decided it was time to go to WalMart and pick up the new Star Wars trilogy DVDs. Normally, this would be completely uneventful, but fate chose to make it interesting, or maybe I was just paying more attention than usual.

As usual, it's September, and they're completely decorated for Halloween, so the first thing I see as I walk in the door at WalMart, is this five foot tall dancing skeleton. I chuckled when I saw it. Then I got a serious laugh: There's a woman with two small children, both of whom are freaking out and refuse to walk past the dancing skeleton. Finally, the woman had to get help from one of the store managers, who unplugged the skeleton, and carried it off.

So, feeling pretty good natured now, I went over to the huge Star Wars display to pick up my DVDs. Fortune smiled upon me, and it was $40 — even less than I'd expected, and certainly not a bad price for three movies on four DVDs. I wouldn't even think twice about paying $13 per movie, even for the hacked up crappy version of the films George Lucas decided to release. So I'm all excited, and I pick up one of the boxes, only to realize that it's the full screen pan-and-scan version. That would be wholly inadequate, so I put it back and began hunting for the wide-screen version. They had like forty bazillion (yes, bazillion) copies of the full screen, but I couldn't find any of the wide-screen. So, I figured maybe there's another display somewhere. Yeah right. Back in the DVD section, that's right, more full screen versions. I asked one of the workers, and while I'm not sure, I think what he mumbled in broken English was, if you can't find it, we must be out. So I went back to the main display, and proceeded to take it apart. Buried, I found the three remaining copies of the silver packaged wide-screen version. I chose the one that was in the most perfect condition, and went to the front. I checked myself out through one of the self-checkout registers, without having to wait for a single person.

So ordinarily, I'd think my adventures behind me — I'm going to go home, pop the Star Wars DVD in, and bask in its glory, at least right up until I see a digitally animated Jabba the Hut where one doesn't belong. But as surely as I sit here typing, it was no ordinary afternoon. I turn left out of WalMart, and I turn left onto Fair Lakes Blvd, where normally it would be a few minute wait to turn left onto Stringfellow Rd. This was not to be. Backed up from Stringfellow Rd, all the way to WalMart, was a continuous, unmoving line of cars, occupied by very impatient drivers. At first, I mentally encouraged everyone to have patience, and that it wasn't too bad in Northern Virginia, two have to wait through two or three light changes to get through a left turn. But as I sat there, the light only changed once, and then only let two or three cars through (plus whoever ran the red light behind them). Then I sat some more. There was no cross traffic. I can only imagine that the construction and paving being done there had caused some problem with the light. I finally gave up, and went down to Stringfellow Rd in the right hand lane (which was empty), and turned right, went down to the next intersection and made a legal U-turn. As I was passing the faulty intersection, I felt bad for the line of cars, as they hadn't moved since I got out of line. For all I know, they may still be sitting there, though it isn't too likely — people will have figured out my strategy by now, or run out of gas. Either way.

Then there was racquetball, at which I was reasonably successful. I was partnered with my dad, and I think we only lost the third or fourth game we played, after he was too exhausted to run. Then I beat John at two games of singles. During the third game of the evening, I managed to hit myself in the back of my right hand with my racquet. Don't ask me how. I don't know. If I know, I could avoid it. And as this is the second week in a row that I've hit the exact same spot, clearly I am unable to avoid it. And it hurts. I probably should be icing it, but oh well, writing about it is more fun.

So now, I have to make a decision — do I eat dinner or not? All I've had today was the big meal I described in the last post. And that's probably sufficient, but then, maybe I should eat more. And if so, do I do that before or after my shower? At this point, probably afterwards. Too bad I won't have time to watch Star Wars tonight. But I do need to finish a few episodes of Friends. Well, I guess I better get to that stuff. Adios!

—Brian (9/22/2004 10:20 PM)


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