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In Court (Tuesday, September 21, 2004)

So much stuff has been going on, and I haven't had squat diddly time to talk about it. For instance: today is my "official" six year anniversary at webMethods. I was supposed to be running the company by now, but alas, my time table is all screwed up.

I spent the weekend in Harrisonburg with Claire, which was awesome, even if we mostly just laid around. Her room is suite! er sweet! Whatever. And her bathroom is cool — it's got ducks everywhere! Qvack! We saw the labyrinth in the arboretum, and while cool, I was disappointed that it was just a twisty path of rocks — it wasn't a maze, and you can't lose yourself in it. Still, it's neat that someone took the time to lay it out. And it was nice being outside, because the weather was so absolutely perfect.

I spent most of Friday in court — I was on the 9 AM docket, and my case wasn't called until nearly 2:00 in the afternoon. But I did gain a vast insight into Prince William County's General District Court system. The judge was really cool, and aside from losing most of a day, and being forced to take a driving class (in exchange for the case being dismissed), I think it ended up as a positive experience.

My classes are going okay, for now, though I can see myself slipping further and further behind in my Algorithms class — the only one that's really important. I think I'll take time Wednesday to study for that. Chemistry is a breeze, though the lab is obscenely time consuming. It's easy, but it just takes forever — particularly writing it out by hand. That's stupid. But oh well. And sometime before tomorrow night, I need to write out my scenario for Ethics class. I've got a couple of ideas that I think will be pretty good, but I need to find the time to flesh it out.

Speaking of time, I have to leave for school early today — I've got to appeal the parking ticket I got in K lot last night — I was parked legally, I just forgot to display my permit. Hopefully they'll be merciful. Then, I am going to attempt to take the online quiz for Chemistry. Have I mentioned how I hate the stupid brain-dead time-wasting requirements from the department?

So anyway, I probably should try and get a little work done before I leave... so until later, adios!

—Brian (9/21/2004 1:52 PM)


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