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On The Issues (Monday, September 13, 2004)

Well, this is certainly interesting. The Web site On The Issues has a quiz that tells you how well aligned you are with various people and organizations. Surprisingly enough, Kerry actually tops the list of candidates whose opinion is closest to mine, with a pathetic 45%. What's really bizarre is that overall, the Republican party and even the Green party, are a closer match to me than the Democratic Party. Of course, the reason is that I'm extremely liberal on a variety of social issues, and relatively conservative on economic issues.

It just seems weird that there aren't more candidates who share my opinion. I mean, all I do is follow the Constitution, which represents pretty closely how I feel about things. I mean, the same Constitution and Supreme Court that say that women have a right to choose on abortion are the same that guarantee our gun ownership rights, are the same that should not permit discrimination for sexual orientation or ethnic background. How hard is it to keep the government out of our personal lives? How hard is it for the government to protect consumers and not big business?

My only serious problem with the site is that one of the questions asks about support for decreasing use of "coal, oil, and nuclear energy". That's like saying you're opposed to murder, rape, and happiness. Give me a break. Nuclear energy is perfectly safe, and one of the best answers to the fossil fuel nightmare. Oh yeah, and that is the solution to terrorism. Stop with the fossil fuels, and watch the middle east become quickly not relevant.

Anyway, enough posturing for one day... it's time to get ready for class. Adios!

—Brian (9/13/2004 3:10 PM)


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