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Modified mini_httpd for SSL (Sunday, August 22, 2004)

Well, we've been busy, that we have. It appears that I have not updated since Monday. Well, it was a whirlwind week. The big news, is that after much toil, I was able to get mini_httpd up and running. So now, I'm running my main server on thttpd and the SSL server on the new one. As I did with thttpd, it was necessary to modify mini_httpd, ever so slightly, to get it to play nice with my system. I tweaked it to allow index.php as an index page. I tweaked it further to prevent a bizarre IPv6 bind warning (since I don't use IPv6, I just commented out the culprit code block), and the most challenging change, was convincing it to create a PATH_TRANSLATED environment variable, and pass it along with the rest when running CGI scripts written in PHP. So my setup is a little bizarre, in that my PHP files all have to start with #!/usr/local/bin/php, but it's a lot easier than having to build a PHP module for two different Web servers. One of these days, I'll post my diffs and a little how-to for anyone who might be interested in running a similar configuration.

Other changes I made, include adding a quick block to the header to rewrite the URL to always be minus any leading www's or anything like that. I also updated the menu system, so that it could handle http or https prefixes. I think things are looking good.

In the non-technical world, I played racquetball with my father and Chris Romary on Wednesday. Chris was playing, since Gary's out of town, and John managed to nearly kill himself in a bike accident last Sunday. I won all of the games of cutthroat, and the one game of singles against Chris. He could probably beat me, but he gets stuck on the back wall, and I just dump them all short.

On Thursday, I went out to Red Rocks with Ben, since my usual bartender at Copeland's is on vacation. $9 pitchers are a good thing. I wouldn't have finished two sixty ounce pitchers by myself, but Ben swore he'd help with the second one... I shoulda known better — if it had been a pitcher of Bourbon and Coke, maybe he'd have helped. But not with Miller Lite. Don't ask me why I was drinking Miller Lite. At least two pitchers of it won't impair me too seriously... I didn't feel it at all on Friday morning.

The other adventures of the week were vampires and gymnastics. I got the vampires from reading the first three Anita Blake books again. Laurell K. Hamilton is a fun author! Nothing like books that are bordering on trashy, filled with romance, sex, violence, and gore. The gymnastics, of course, were from the Olympics. I saw Paul Hamm win his medal (and yes, he won it, whatever mistakes the judges may have made), and I saw Carly Patterson win hers. In fact, according to the paper, they're winning some more tonight... I do hope that's recording on TiVo. I'll be a tad on the upset side, if I miss the individual men's competition.

Anyway, I'm expected at a barbecue now, so I'm off, at least for a little while. Adios!

—Brian (8/22/2004 7:58 PM)


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