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Changes to the Blogging Engine (Monday, August 16, 2004)

Okay! I've got my archives working correctly now, and my comments are working much better now. I changed comment.php to post.php, so now it can be used to generate direct links to individual posts. That'll make life easier for the search engines, I think, and it also means I can put a robots.txt file around that will prevent the archives from being indexed. Maybe. We'll see what happens. I've still got to set up a cron job to cause the archiving to take place automatically, but it's no biggie if that is put off. Anyway, I've been at the office for nearly eight hours, and considering I worked from home for half a day before I came in, that's completely uncalled for. So now, it is time for dinner... Sweetwater Tavern perhaps... until later, adios!

—Brian (8/16/2004 7:55 PM)


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