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John Kerry is a Douche Bag, But... (Saturday, August 7, 2004)

I hate politics. Politics causes people to go to war, impose their ideologies on other people, and raises my taxes. And because of politics, in November, I have to cast my vote for President of the United States. I have my choice, basically, between John Kerry and George W. Bush. In reality, it's not much of a choice. I absolutely must vote for anyone who isn't George W. Bush. It's that simple. Kerry would not be my first choice for president, but he's the only choice, and I guess that makes it simple. Someone very eloquently describes on their Web site why this is. He says: "John Kerry is a douche-bag, but I'm voting for him anyway." The language is sort of tongue in cheek, and not likely to sway people who are told to vote for Bush by God, but if it changes the mind of just a few Republicans who are capable of objective thought, then it has served its purpose.

—Brian (8/7/2004 6:12 PM)


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