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I'm Mad at the World (Tuesday, July 27, 2004)

Today is "I'm Mad at the World" Day. Strangely, it coincides with my grandfather's 93rd birthday. Let us enumerate why we are mad at the world.

  • The damn passenger side window is squeaking again in the Mustang (not to mention that the seatbelts are still twisted) even after going to the shop twice. Next week, I'm taking the car into the shop, and I'm going to sit there with them while they fix it. And I'm thinking about billing them for their competence.

  • Kevin McCarthy still hasn't got his shit-for-brains people together to fix my deck. I called him again today. If he doesn't get it done soon, I may have to take a drive down to their office and kick some ass in person.

  • The Bourne Supremacy sucked. It didn't make any sense. The directing was horrid. Apparently, the director is obsessed with really tight shots. Which can be okay, sometimes, but during the fight sequences, and high speed chases, and basically 90% of the movie, it just makes it annoyingly hard to follow the action. I kept wanting to stand up and scream "Zoom the hell out!!!!"

  • And then there's my homeowners association — the association is bad, okay, but the management company, Armstrong Management, are fucking retards. They scheduled the annual meeting for day after tomorrow. They gave us all of seven days notice, and tough shit, I'm going to be out of town... again. For the third year straight. I checked the by-laws though, and seven days is all that's required. I'd like to change that... but that would require me to be present at the meeting, and I can't seem to accomplish that.

So anyway, that's why I'm mad at the world. On the bright side, at least Guys & Dolls is playing in Sterling soon. It probably won't be the greatest production, but it'll still be fun. I just need to make sure I go. And as of tomorrow, I'm going to be on vacation — Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens, and Colonial Williamsburg. It'll be fun! Dammit, it has to be.

—Brian (7/27/2004 4:09 PM)


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