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QVACK! (Sunday, July 25, 2004)

Wow, I did so little today! I managed to watch all but three of the things recorded on TiVo — I think all that's left is an episode of Whose Line, an episode of MacGyver, and the pilot episode of Judging Amy. Had leftover pizza for lunch. Talked online. Watched some beach volleyball on TV. (I'm not kidding — I got through damn near everything on the TiVo!!)

When we just couldn't watch any more TV, we decided to do some cleaning, and made a pretty nice dent in the mess. I managed to completely empty my filing cabinet — I've finally convinced myself to let go and throw away receipts from dinner from 1998. I also threw away many other pieces of paper that may have at one point been important, but really aren't any more.

I did find some things that are worth hanging on to — like my old passport with my Arbeitserlaubnis (work permit) from Germany and my entry stamp for Vienna. And I found some pictures from my Grampa Ziman's 80th birthday party. But mostly, we just threw out two large garbage bags worth of stuff that needed to go away. I think I have created enough space to actually file the documents that are worth keeping. So at my current pace, they should be filed before the universe ends. Maybe.

About half way through, we decided to take a break, and we went to the store and got soda, ice cream, and this nifty storage bin that I'm going to use for all of the loose computer components that won't fit in the little hardware drawer thingies that we got before.

Speaking of hardware thingies, my new license plates came, so everyone needs to look for the fun yellow Mustang with the license plates that read QVACK. It's cool, trust me. All I need is one of these to go with it.

And now, despite the earliness of the hour, I think it is time for bed. Tomorrow, I get to go to the new Air & Space Museum, and I want to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for that. And perhaps if the fates are smiling upon me, I will also get to play some tennis, and maybe tidy up some more. Until then... g'night... and don't let the rubber bath toys bite! Bwuahahahaha!

—Brian (7/25/2004 10:57 PM)


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