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I'm on Vacation! (Sunday, July 25, 2004)

Well, now, here it is late Saturday night — or rather, early Sunday morning, and I find myself not having updated for two days. The big news is this: I'm officially on vacation! Not that I am going anywhere just yet... but at least I don't have to worry about going to the office for a whole week.

Yesterday, I got a whole lot done, trying to wrap up work for the week, then I got to play a grueling hour of tennis with Ross. Despite the beating, I think I did very well for not having played in ten years. I think I could really get back into it, if I can play more regularly. And that's the plan.

Today, I caught up on all my shows recorded by TiVo, then Claire came over, and I helped her set up her domain with her new service provider. We took a break about half way through and went and saw Catwoman. It's a fun movie. I only have two complaints: the dialog was horrid, and they kept trying to use a hip-hop soundtrack that totally clashed with the feel of the movie. On the bright side, the cop is the guy from Law and Order, and he's much cooler here, because he's not Catholic. And two words: Peter Wingfield. If you know who he is, you know what I mean, if not, then forget I mentioned him.

After the movie, we finished up Claire's site stuff, and now she's gone home and I'm getting ready for bed. Until next time... g'night.

—Brian (7/25/2004 01:23 AM)


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