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Lord of the Rings Monopoly (Friday, July 9, 2004)

This whole not blogging every day thing is really starting to cause me to forget stuff. Wow, that sentence did not make any sense. Anyway, I just remembered (duh) that Claire got me a really cool Lord of the Rings version of Monopoly to celebrate two years since we started going out. I didn't get her anything (unless you count buying her stuff and feeding her all the time and taking her to see Hanson). Oh well, but the game is fun, aside from the fact that she beat me, because I didn't take into account the "special" rules of this version, and the additional "special" rules imposed by Claire. Anyway, just felt like writing about that. Yeah.

—Brian (7/9/2004 3:27 PM)


Happy Anniversary Sillyhead!!


-- Laura J. Black (7/12/2004 8:05 PM)

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