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Birth Control for Men (Friday, July 9, 2004)

Speaking of marriage and relationships, what about birth control? I was just reading an article on the ongoing research to develop a type of birth control for men — it points out that currently, we only have two choices: condoms and snip-snip. Oh yeah, and abstinence. So they're looking at hormonal approaches. Right now, they have two methods of delivery — periodic injections, or — get this — two inch long implants under the skin of a man's arm. The story says, "Apparently that's no drawback for men. Amory recalls that in a study some time ago, 'the guys were proud of their implants. They were conversation starters at cocktail parties. They would have a woman feel their arm.'" Are you kidding? Just reading about it makes me want to throw up. Ick! Of course, considering how I feel about condoms, I could get used to it. Monthly injections aren't so bad, and a pill would be even better. Anyway, back to surfing...

—Brian (7/9/2004 2:05 PM)


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