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Wish I'd Gone to Microsoft (Saturday, July 3, 2004)

Well, it's been a few days since I've updated. I've been particularly busy. But I finally have much of the stuff required to say I actually live in the townhouse I've occupied for the past three and a half years. Yesterday, I bought deck furniture — that is, a table and two chairs. I'll probably need to add two more chairs, or better, a bench, and an umbrella for the table. I also bought a pair of tiki torches for the deck, so that should add to the fun. I bought an extension ladder, so I don't have to keep borrowing my father's to change the lightbulbs in the chandeliers (it never occurred to me that 18 foot ceilings would pose such a challenge). And I bought a storage unit for the garage that I can keep assorted junk in. It even has a vertical space for mops and brooms and stuff. Now all I need to do is figure out a bike management strategy. I don't think the walls in my garage are framed, so none of the wall-mounted solutions will work, which is sad, because they are a small fraction of the price of a free standing bike rack. I may have to return to the ceiling mounted approach, despite the difficulty that entails. Let's just say that plan is still up in the air... okay, that was lame, but I haven't eaten yet today, and I'm not feeling very funny.

This leads me to why I'm not feeling terribly funny. Yesterday, webMethods pre-announced that they suck, and our stock price dropped 33%, costing me, over a few short hours, about $13,000. This is more than just annoying. This is exactly why I told Elliot I was interviewing at Microsoft. I told him the reason I wanted a raise, is not so much because of greed, but because to keep a senior engineer at the salary I was at (or even the new salary) shows that the company is not selling enough software to remain in business for the future. And what do you know? What I predicted has come true. Too bad I turned down Microsoft, too bad I just put about $7000 into my house, too bad I just signed a year long lease with a new tenant, too bad I'm too scared to spend the money I was going to on a vacation in a few weeks. I'm going to have to do that anyway. Even if it means going further into debt. If I don't get a vacation, I'm going to burn out, and then even I won't be able to save this dying carcass of a company.

Of course, since I missed the conference call, I have no idea what's going on, besides what's in the press release. I found out about this from Joe, who doesn't even freakin' work for webMethods anymore. He jumped ship right when they started screwing him. Apparently, he's the wiser of the two of us. I'm beginning to find that unwavering loyalty to people who have no control and who never see you, is maybe not so smart.

Last night, I went to see Spider-Man 2 with the movie group. I enjoyed it quite a bit, despite certain blatant disregard for the laws of physics -- without any reasonable explanation that might make me suspend my disbelief. I like the fact that most of the movie centers around Peter Parker and Mary Jane, and their angst and relationships, rather than on Spidey swinging through the city fighting crime. There's just enough action and blowing stuff up to keep us awake, but it's really a very emotional movie. Shouldn't this be going into my severely neglected movie page? Perhaps I'll put it there later.

So anyway, I'm going to put together my new furniture today, and maybe shop for bike solutions. Then tonight, we've got my brother's birthday party (I hope he doesn't read my blog!). Claire and I got him some cool stuff while we were out yesterday, so I hope he likes it. If not, I'll be happy to take it off his hands!!

—Brian (7/3/2004 11:27 AM)


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