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Evil Politics (Monday, June 28, 2004)

Ahhh, the bias in American media is just sad. The same basic article appeared today from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters, with its fascist right-wing bias, has the headline, Supreme Court Deals Blow to War on Terror, while the left-leaning (and slightly more impartial) Associated Press has the headline, Enemy Combatants Win Right to U.S. Courts.

Since I'm not the media, and this is a forum for my opinion, I'll come right out and say that this is great, and anything that the courts can do to check the "war" on "terrorism" is a good thing. I use quotes, because the conservative right has appropriated words and assigned them different meanings than what might be assumed. I don't approve of the use of the word "terrorism" anyway. Terrorism is just what we label people who have resorted to illegal activity to make their point, because their opponents will not listen to reasonable arguments. One alternative label I've heard is "Freedom Fighter", which I think is appropriate. Just remember, if you apply the Bush school of thought, the Boston Tea Party was an act of "terrorism", the American colonies assisted France formed an "axis of evil", and George Washington must be the Devil, himself!

The people around the world who are blowing themselves up aren't all insane (though they have different values than we Judeo-Christian Westerners have). They've tried diplomacy, they've tried forming their own governments with their own leaders. And they have been trampled on by the West in the name of "Freedom" and "Democracy", and left with no other recourse, they are fighting back. We need to leave the middle-east alone, and stop trying to spread capitalism and democracy like a modern day smallpox, and then, once they no longer feel their way of life being threatened, and only then, will we see peace.

As for here at home, dammit, here we have the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution, and things like Guantanamo Bay just smack of the internment camps for Japanese-Americans during World War II, or the mind-boggling Communist witch-hunts of the 50s. As Patriots, there's no way we can stand by this. Vote out the Grand Old Party before you and I are labeled terrorists for being young and cherishing freedom and diversity.

—Brian (6/28/2004 1:30 PM)


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