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Dell Sucks (Wednesday, June 23, 2004)

Dell should be fucking embarrassed. This is a $5,000 laptop, and I've had it out of the box for three days, and I haven't even managed to install a single application, and it's already falling apart. My old IBM ThinkPad has been solid as a rock for nearly six years. Leave it to my company to choose crap over quality. I ought to just go buy myself a new laptop and say to hell with our IT department.

And speaking of people with no pride, the contractors bailed out of the job this morning after about two hours because of the rain... and I still can't get out of my driveway. It's starting to make me kind of nuts, because I have things to do — like take this damn laptop back to the office so they can do whatever they have to do to fix it, because I don't have "tiny tweezers and a lot of patience".

I so cannot wait to try out my new racquet tonight, but with my luck, it'll be worse than my existing cheap racquet. Blah. On the bright side, I don't think Claire is still mad at me. She was making silly faces at me with Yahoo Messenger earlier, and she called me just a few minutes ago for help finding the Apple store to fix her brother's laptop. I need to figure out what's for dinner, as I am now out of leftovers. All righty, back to work, if you can call swearing at a crappy laptop "work".

—Brian (6/23/2004 1:37 PM)


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