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Need to Get Away (Wednesday, June 23, 2004)

Well, my deck went most of the way up today. I'm worried that it's not being built according to spec or logic, and I've called the county to get copies of what the contractor submitted, so that if they've screwed it up, I can sue them to fix it. What a pain in the ass — I pick the most expensive contractor, and get the most hassle for my dollar.

At least I got some work done on the LDAP spec today. And listened in on the server team meeting. I discovered the disturbing news that we're moving to a new building in the next six months or so. The move will probably coincide with my sabbatical. That'll be great. Really. What's funny, is that we're moving back into the building we were in before we moved into the current one. I'm so glad I don't come into regular contact with members of management. I'd probably do something stupid.

After work, Claire came over, fortunately, because I still cannot get the car out, and we went to Bennigan's for dinner, and then on a shopping spree, where I got the electronics needed to run satellite TV to the rest of the house, an extra power strip, and a new racquetball racquet, which will hopefully give me a bit of an edge tomorrow night (you can bet that if it doesn't it's going straight back to the store!). We had frozen custard, and then headed back to my place. We watched some MacGyver, Whose Line (the Melissa's Underpants episode!!) and Friends.

So the current drama is that Claire doesn't feel like she can go where she wants and do what she wants without my approval, and she feels like she has to go everywhere with me. I tried to explain to her that she can do whatever she wants, though I'd prefer that she not date other guys, if she wants to be in a relationship with me, and that if she's just going to hang out with a group of friends that she at least invite along. I'd prefer she not ditch me when we have plans, and I explained to her that while I can make other plans if she's busy with something else, that it's hard to do that at the last minute. I pointed out that I have other stuff to do, like racquetball on Wednesdays and either basketball with my dad or drinking with Ben on Thursdays, and that I encourage her to do other stuff, if she wants to. I kinda expect her not to ditch me on Friday and Saturday nights, but given a few days notice, I can probably find something to do even then. I just hate being left behind, particularly in a group thing.

I don't know. I don't think I'm being unreasonable, but no one ever accused me of sanity, so maybe I am just crazy. All I know is that I get a week off next month and I just can't wait. I need to escape for a while. I'd like to escape with Claire, but the couple of times I've mentioned it, I've been met with resistance, so perhaps I ought to start planning for a week somewhere by myself, as much as that thought makes me ill. We'll see what happens... I still have to survive June. And now, it's dreadfully near 2:00 and I must get to bed. Good night, and sweet dreams.

—Brian (6/23/2004 01:40 AM)


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