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Going Insane (Friday, June 18, 2004)

Well, I'm going well and truly insane. At least on the work front. Other stuff is going good. I got the paperwork in for my deck, so I need to call the contractors and schedule the deck to be built (I think I'll do that as soon as I'm done here). I finally got my new laptop last night, so I'll need to set that up this weekend, assuming I can stand the keyboard layout. Tonight, we're having an early Father's Day dinner at Bennigan's, since Matthew is headed to Sneedville for the next week. I'm not sure what the church was thinking, scheduling the mission trip to leave on Father's Day. Oh well, not my church, not my problem. I'm going to give my father his card tonight, because I want to see Matt shoot food out through his nose -- the inevitable result of the card I got for Dad. There's Anime tomorrow night, theoretically, but otherwise, it's going to be a pretty laid back weekend. Heaven knows, I could use the break! So for now, that's all there is.

—Brian (6/18/2004 1:54 PM)


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