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Blading and Blending (Sunday, June 6, 2004)

Today was fun! Claire came over and made breakfast for me, then we went rollerblading. After blading, we went shopping and I bought a blender and a new set of glasses. Then we came home and I bought a deck!!! All I have to do is get my paperwork in order with the homeowners association, and I can have the deck up by the 4th of July. That would be sweet. Then Claire and I went to Friday's for dinner, and then went to a few more stores, but managed to resist the temptation to buy anything more. We then came back and tested out the new blender by making milkshakes. They weren't bad, but I think we need more recent milk. It occurs to me that if I buy ice cream to make a milkshake, it's just as easy to buy a quart of milk too. Now I know. Then we watched some women's gymnastics, which was fun, and then we called it an early night. So now, I'm headed to bed, in anticipation of work tomorrow... what day is it? Monday tomorrow, right? It's so hard to keep track! Good night!

—Brian (6/6/2004 11:22 PM)


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