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Harry Potter with the Movie Group (Saturday, June 5, 2004)

Arrgh, I keep feeling like today is Sunday. I really need to start going into the office more, if for no other reason, that to know what day of the week it is. I also ought to blog more frequently about stuff I'm thinking about, not just what's going on. I'm so lazy. So first, let's start with what I did. Okay, after work yesterday, I met up with Annie, Dennis, and Elaine for dinner at Friday's, and I had one of their "Ice Cream Sandwich" drinks, which is basically an Oreo milkshake with liquor in it. So now I'm motivated to buy a blender so I can make them myself. I also have to make sure that it can grate cheese... if that's even possible. It would make my life so much easier when making pizza.

Anyway, after dinner, the four of us went to Fairfax Towne Center and joined Joe and Rebecca, Gwen and Charles, and Mark and Fran for opening night of the new Harry Potter film. It was a lot of fun, and while they definitely took liberties changing plot points and cutting out stuff, it was at least internally consistent and really a very good film, standing all by itself. After the movie, we hung out and chatted (loudly) in the theatre, until the staff asked us kindly to move the discussion outside. Once outside, I escaped as quickly as was polite (and I do believe I have once again royally pissed off Elaine).

From there, I drove to Arlington to Jameson's place to meet up with Claire, Brad, Neusha, Shaune, and a bunch of other people. There was some drinking, smoking, and hanging out going on. Claire was passed out on the couch for most of the time I was there, but I got to talk to a lot of interesting people and I had a really good time. Once the party started to wind down (and I had sobered up), I volunteered to drive Claire home, because I didn't think she was in any shape to drive (no matter what she may have thought), so we went back to my place and went to bed.

This morning, we slept in, and then Claire made breakfast while I took a shower. Claire's getting to be really awesome at running my kitchen. And she seems to enjoy it, so that works out really well. I love having her here in the morning (not to take away from having her here the rest of the day, too, of course). It occurred to me this morning that it's completely stupid for me to be worrying all the time. I mean, seriously, she spends the night with me, she makes me breakfast, she cleans my house, and she's got a remote for my garage door opener. She's not going to lightly run off with someone else.

So after breakfast, I drove her back to Arlington to get her car, and then we went our separate ways so she could get her stuff done and take a shower and so on. I spent the afternoon relaxing and reading more of Order of the Phoenix. Then I went to the store and picked up some stuff for dinner tonight. Dinner itself was pretty good — I made a beef pot roast with vegetables and gravy (though I can't ever seem to get the gravy quite right), and we started off the meal with good bread and cheese and olive spread (which I believe we are now out of).

Dinner took quite a while, so afterwards, we just hung out, and then Claire cleaned up my kitchen — I'm so lucky. Anyway, we decided to call it a night early, since I'm pretty tired, and I guess Claire has laundry to do. But she promised to come back in the morning, so yay! I have to get up relatively early (shouldn't be a problem if I go to bed here pretty soon) and go to the store and get the things I forgot to get this afternoon. So, until my next update, this is Brian, saying good night.

—Brian (6/5/2004 11:55 PM)


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