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Gonna Build a Deck (Friday, June 4, 2004)

Let's see, Wednesday night, played some racquetball, then hung out with Claire. I do believe I actually beat her at a game of scrabble, but I'm sure it was a fluke, because she completely trounced me again last night. I'm still without a roommate — the guy who was supposed to come last night and another this morning both failed to show up. Beth from Sunburst Construction finally showed up today, and gave me an estimate that was $500 better than the other guy, but I called him back and he took off $300, so I think I'm going to go with him, because he seemed to be a little more punctual and a little better acquainted with the business. I also finally fixed my garage door — it turns out spider webs were causing the problems. So pretty quickly here, I'm headed to dinner and then to see the new Harry Potter film with the movie group, then afterwards, it's off to a party in Arlington. Oh yeah, and I finally talked to Elisa, and I think we're going to get together one of these days and catch up. Too bad she's moving back to Richmond in August — I could use some more friends in this area. Anyway, it is now time to be off... adios!

—Brian (6/4/2004 4:51 PM)


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